The Apo Island Adventure

Tough waves will welcome you to Apo Island. We were a big group of 9 people, all first timers and all wanted to see the turtles. We were not disappointed because we got to see many of them up close!

Apo Island is a small volcanic island, almost an hour away from Dumaguete City. Apo means "grandchild", and I haven't asked why it was named like that (sorry!).

To get to Apo Island, you have to get to Zamboanguita, Negros Oriental. From Dumaguete City, catch a bus passing Malatapay Market where you will get off. Fare is 25 pesos. From the market, you have to walk for 5 mins to reach the shore. A boat will take you to the island; the small boat is 2000 pesos for 4 people while the bigger boat is 3000 pesos for 8 people, up to 10 persons capacity. Extra person is 250 each.

#groupie :)

We started our journey in the morning because travelers are permitted to stay only up to 4pm in the island, unless you opted to stay overnight at the resorts. Upon arrival in the island, we proceeded to the tourism office to pay for the entrance fee. We were then redirected to the snorkeling area where the locals would accommodate us.

After the small lecture and preparation, we headed to the waters. We were still near the shore and we could see the turtles!
This close!


We headed to the deeper waters and no, I didn't panic (at first). Unfortunately, there were no fishes because of the recent typhoon.
Vhen going down
Our guide went down too

Smile people!

Group pic! Can you guess?

We headed back to the shore because I was constantly nagging about the uncomfortable feeling I got (yep, I panicked). Fortunately, our food was prepared already by the residents of the place. Surprisingly, it was a delicious meal (we were surprised because hours before the meal, we saw the pity face of the live chicken that we ate for lunch).

After lunch, we checked out the lighthouse. It was really a bad idea to get up to the lighthouse because we (or rather I) thought we could just reach it with no sweat. It turned out to be a tiresome activity.
Overwhelming stairs
Horror movie?
Mountain area
Beauty from the top

We left the island at 3pm. It was really a great trip despite the exhaustion that we felt. It was a dream come true to swim with the turtles. Until next time, Apo Island!


2010 ko dha geng! Ka-remember pko sa panic nilang madame chen sa kakusog sa bawd. Hehe la ko kaadto sa light house. When pa kaha ko balik dha, basin never ky one place in time ra mn ako plans! Hehehe

Bawd jud bitaw ay. Feeling nimo mapalid ka. Hahaha nice ibalik if naa napud mga fishes.