CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Series: Meeting CDO (1/6)

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A year before, we were so excited buying tickets since Airphil Express had its promo. We decided to go to Cagayan De Oro knowing extreme adventure awaits us. True enough, CDO never failed us.

Our flight was early morning so we have to be at Mactan Cebu International Airport at dawn. Kweeny arrived first at CDO and waited for us since she took the Cebu Pacific flight which departed 20 minutes before us. Marianne, Jerson and I traveled together to CDO.
Airphil Express to CDO!
Lumbia Airport in CDO was not as wide as Cebu's. Outside, there were many calling out our attention. They were offering their services of taking us to the city and they were lowering their prices just for us to take it. As advised by a friend, they were jeepneys outside the airport so we ignored the luxurious offers of the drivers and hurriedly looked for the exit. A taxi driver was even saying that they were no jeepneys at a time like that and offered his taxi for 150 pesos. That was the lowest price offered to us. Seeing the exit of the airport and the jeepney waiting for us have driven him off. We took the jeepney to Carmen.

A cold city, 3 words to describe CDO. We passed by their golf course which was near the airport. We were impressed by the houses in the subdivisions especially the Xavier subdivision. Lastly we were amazed by how they let extra passengers sit on the jeepney. Haha!
How to extend the seats of the jeepney by Jerson
In Carmen we took another jeepney again to Gaston Park. Gaston Park was the park near St. Augustine Church and Ysalina Bridge. We took breakfast at a nearby store in Gaston Park. After filling our stomachs, we started the tour.

We went to Gaston Park which was an ordinary park but cleaner and greener than Opon's park. There have been people taking care of the park though not extraordinary. A history was located in the center of the park. Gaston Park was also flooded due to the typhoon Sendong which had struck the city.
Announcement in Gaston Park
Gaston Park
We walked by St. Augustine Church but didn't went inside because we were wearing inappropriate attire. The church was nice and well maintained. To make up for our loss, we lit candles in the candle lighting section of the church.
The Cathedral
Candle lighting area of the church
We were still walking and was struck by the huge landmark which looked like a light house. It was converted to a museum now.
Museum now
We took a motorela to Xavier University. Since most of us were first timers taking the motorela, we were glad. Haha!

Xavier University was I think, the heart of the city since most people were there. We didn't went inside because we didn't know what to say to the guards so we just took pictures outside and satisfy ourselves with the view from outside.
Me, Maiyan and Kweeny at the gate
A view from outside
Yes, that's Xavier
We stroll around the city and observed that CDO was not as bad as Cebu. The street was not as wide as Cebu though but with the number of vehicles around the city, it's alright. 
Magsaysay Credo and Monument, El Pueblo A Sus Heroes
We stopped at a landmark to rest and realized we lacked sleep. We looked for a place to stay for 2-3 hours but the locals told us that's expensive than the 12-hour hotels.

The driver of the motorela took us to D' Morvie Suites since he knew we were on tight budget. We took 2 rooms since we were already so tired. We rested and woke up before lunch.

We had lunch at Limketkai Mall. Limketkai Mall was the so-called Ayala Mall of CDO. It was big and some areas were not yet rented.

After lunch, we went to the supermarket to buy personal items and food.

Did I ever mentioned we were amazed with their walkalator? Haha!