CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Series: Hello Camiguin (3/6)

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We arrived at Camiguin Island early morning. The resort we contacted offered us tour services on the island so a driver was waiting for us. He then took us to our first destination which was far from the port.

And our first destination is.. (drum roll please) Sto. Nino Cold Spring. Although it was weird to swim in the cold spring during a cold morning, we still enjoyed it. We were the first customers of the day so it wasn't awkward to swim in our swimwear. And yes, the water was very cold.
This was the kids' pool, maybe?
This is where we had fun early morning
We bought accessories as pasalubong on our way out. There were many to choose from and they're cheaper.

We arrived at our next destination which was the Bura Soda Swimming Pool. We tasted the water if it really was a soda but to our disappointments, it was ordinary. There's also a flowing water near the pool where one could refill or drink water. We did not stayed there longer because we might lack time in visiting other places.
The calm waters of the pool
Our 2nd destination
This separates the pool, I don't know what this is for
Next destination was the Church Ruins. A natural calamity caused the church to fall years back. Currently, a small chapel was built there. We did not stay longer in this place too. And unfortunately, the battery of our camera got emptied.
The signboard that will welcome you to the place
Up next was the famous Sunken Cemetery. A natural calamity also caused the cemetery to fall. As years passed, the water level also increased and thus making the cemetery deeper. There were coral reefs in the cemetery, they say. They built the cross so the place will never be forgotten. 
Photo by Marianne Audrey: The sunken cemetery
Photo by Marianne Audrey: Jerson and I from afar
Photo by Marianne Audrey: Our photographer/boatman did this!
We did not go to the Station of the Cross because we did not have time. We were so hungry to walk on the pathway.

We ate lunch at a local carenderia in Mambajao. After lunch, we bought pastels in the famous Vjandep pastels in Mambajao.

We then went to Katibawasan Falls. The falls was in a mountainous area and there were no vehicles passing by. It was peaceful and very quiet. I was a bit scared because we were just the only ones in the area. And again, the water was very very cold, colder than the cold spring even though it was noon time.
Photo by Marianne Audrey: The falls behind the plants and trees
Photo by Marianne Audrey: The falls, full length!
After soaking in the falls, we went to buy souvenirs and pasalubong, again. We just passed by the store which I think was a popular store in the area selling goods known in Camiguin.

Our last destination was the Ardent Hot Spring. The pool was divided into different classes according to its hotness. Unfortunately, we weren't able to soak in the hottest pool because we were unable to locate it when we got there. We weren't able to take many photos in this place too but I would love to go back!
Photo by Marianne Audrey: The hot spring
Photo by Marianne Audrey: Trees surround the spring
Photo by Marianne Audrey: Warm pool
It was past 3pm so we have to hurriedly go to our accommodation. The name of the place was Tabada's Homestay, just near Paguia's Cottages and a lot more. We stayed at Tabada's because it was cheaper than the other hotels/pension houses in the area. You can also cook in the place.
Our dinner!
Our cook :D
We woke up at 2am the following day because we have to catch the earliest boat back to CDO. We left at 3am and still, the multicab we rented was the one who took us to the port.