CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Series: Getting to Camiguin (2/6)


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We waited for a motorela bound to Agora Public Market from a convenience store near Limketkai Mall. Buses to Balingoan Port were located there.

Chaos was in the bus terminal when we arrived knowing we were gonna ride the bus. We didn't have a choice since one already brought our plastic bag to the seat of the bus (for reservations). Haha! The bus left immediately seeing lots of seats were already taken. The fare was cheaper than what we expected. And yes, we expected the travel time to Balingoan was 2 hours.

After 4 hours, we were still in the road. Then we noticed that there have been repairs made on the roads that's why it took us long before reaching our destination. What's worse was we didn't catch the last trip of the boat to Camiguin.

And we were left in Balingoan.
Photo of Marianne Audrey Bio: Left in Balingoan
Photo of Marianne Audrey Bio: Balingoan port at late afternoon
Photo of Marianne Audrey Bio: Passenger Terminal of Balingoan Port
A group of people were offering us to take their bangka for 300 pesos each person. The ferry to Camiguin was 170 pesos so taking the bangka would be expensive especially for us who were on a tight budget. We decided not to take the bangka and stayed at Balingoan overnight. We also contacted Richard who arrived in CDO in the afternoon, amidst the low network coverage to stay overnight in Balingoan with us since traveling the next day would not be a good idea and we might not enjoy our tour in Camiguin due to lack of time. Good thing Richard knew his way without our help. He safely arrived at Balingoan late night. 

The place we stayed for the night was just near the port. We could hear the siren of boats from our bedroom. The house was on the second floor of the building and the stairs were well, not so friendly. The back view of the house was incredible though.
Photo of Marianne Audrey Bio: Careful with the stairs!
Photo of Marianne Audrey Bio: View from the back of the house
We had dinner at a nearby barbeque station. There were loads of fresh fishes (newly caught!) so we ordered one. Surprisingly, the fish was juicy and delicious! Haha! Ah, how I wish I could taste one in Cebu!

Since the network coverage for Sun Cellular was low, they bought Globe sim cards. We were very excited to try out the new sim cards until the store owner advised us to manually change our network service to Smart in our cellphones. Alas, the network coverage for our Sun Cellular mobile phones got higher! Thanks to the concerned store owner!

8pm in Balingoan was like 11pm in Cebu City. The night was young yet the people were in their houses. We decided to stay at our room while waiting for Richard.

We woke up early the next morning to prepare for our trip to Camiguin. The boat left at 5am, the first trip. Huge waves were attacking the boat which was loaded with passengers, cars and even big truck. Luckily, we arrived at Camiguin safely.


"We woke up early the next morning to prepare for our trip to Camiguin. The boat left at 5pm, the first trip." - 5pm gyud, or 5am? :)