South Cebu Short Trip - Tingko Beach (3/4)

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We rode a tricycle from Obong Spring to Tingko Beach located in the municipality of Alcoy. It was a 15-minute ride. I didn't expect Tingko would be just near the national highway.

The beach had no entrance fee and if there were, we wouldn't enter through that area. Haha! We passed through the narrow stairs going to the beach side from the highway. There, we were surprised by the number of people in the area and the cool dazzling breeze of the sea.
Tingko Beach
Tingko Beach again!
The beach side
We placed my sarong on the sands and had our picnic in the beach. We played with the water, sands and with ourselves. We had an exciting game there.
Jerson playing with the water
I didn't have an idea what he was trying to do haha
The sand
Tingko's sandy shore
We met a friend in the beach
There were cottages for rent in the beach side. These cottages were on top of the big rocks in Tingko. I guess it was 1000 for day use and 1500 for the overnight use. We didn't bother renting one because we thought the CR was a problem. 

After taking a dip in the water, we had karaoke just by the beach. It was the usual 5-peso karaoke so expect everything. Haha! They also had comfort rooms in the place so I took the opportunity to change clothes. Changing clothes had no fee but taking a shower had. Imagine, Tingko beach didn't cost us anything!

It was already dark when we decided to go to the town's center to eat dinner and buy foods for morning. Earl mentioned that stores in the area will close early in the evening so we hurried. We rode a Ceres bus because we didn't want to wait long for a tricycle to pass by and it started to rain. We stopped at the center of the town, bought food and drinks and ate at the nearby lechon manok store. When we're full, we took a tricycle back to the resort where we spend the rest of the night there.