Kalanggaman Island for Summer 2012

Close to an unplanned trip, Earl, Richard, Jerson and I started this as a joke. It was not almost pushed through with the lack of people and preparation. However, last April 28-29 Earl's friends and my friends made it possible creating new people on my friend's list and so as the others.

It was an acquaintance party-like event because people got to know each other's friends as well. We never knew everybody would get along easily. The island had bonded us all.
Kalanggaman Island: Photo from Philippinebeaches.net
We decided to meet up at the North Bus Terminal at 6am in the morning to catch the 7am bus to Maya, Daan Bantayan. There were 19 of us, 2 from Xlibris that were new to me, my 3 Alliance friends (except my classmates and my boyfriend), my college friends and the rest were the plus-one of my friends. Unexpectedly, they arrived early at the meeting place. It was actually a relief knowing they came ahead of me because in college, they frequently came in late. Haha

After some people finished taking their breakfast at the North Bus Terminal, we took the Rough Riders Bus to Maya. The Ceres Bus was not yet parked in its location so we opted for the Rough Riders. The fare was 160 pesos, that I believed could change anytime. We departed at 7am+ and reached Maya Port at 11am+. Long ride with only 1 stop-over which was at Carmen, Cebu. Be sure to take a pee. We stopped at Bogo City Terminal and I thought our bus would stay long so I went outside to take a pee. Before even reaching to the comfort room, the bus was leaving, yes, leaving me. Good thing my friends saw me when I went down and called the bus driver's attention. Without a second thought, I stepped on the bus again without taking a pee. Bogo City is approximately 1 hour away from Maya so I have to wait 'til we reached our destination to take a breath-taking pee.

Upon reaching Maya Port, Earl, Richard and I instructed the others to eat lunch while we were away. The 3 of us went to the public market which had only 2 stalls opened. There was no pork in the market so we bought chickens and fishes instead. If you are planning to go to Kalanggaman, be sure to take lots of foods, drinks and other necessities like charcoal, plates, etc with you because in the island you'll not find these stuffs except for charcoal which was priced at a higher rate. Good thing the owner of the bangka helped us with the water so we had 9 gallons with us. The owner also let us borrow 2 pots for cooking. 
So long Maya!
Lunch was over when we departed from the port. The water was magnificently blue. Going to Kalanggaman Island took us 1hr and 30mins. 

We fell in love with the island the very first time we saw it. The sandbar which was near the public area was marvelous. Waves from both sides took part in molding the sandbar, we thought. There were many people in the island already when we arrived. There were cottages too, but not ideal for sleeping. The long stretch of the sand was ideal for camping. There were small coconut trees and we decided to make camp there. It was near our bangka and the sea. Walking straight at the back you'll find the public comfort rooms. Near our camp was also a grilling area, looked small but it was okay. We paid the entrance fee of 150 pesos (cheaper than the one we saw on the internet which was 225 pesos) and they provided us with a table.
This photo was taken the next morning
We set up the tents that would look like we were circling the foods. Charina marinated the chicken with me as her assistant while the others arranged the other stuffs. The boys were in charge of washing. 

In the afternoon, everybody was busy swimming and roaming around the island. We didn't had games because I would want everybody to participate. We postponed the games and we went to the sandbar. The others were preparing the food, esp. Richard who's very keen with cooking. 
Sandbar! Photo by Ricco Adrian Sabordo
Jump shot attempt. Photo by Ricco Adrian Sabordo
Waves. Photo by Ricco Adrian Sabordo
The rocky area. Photo by Ricco Adrian Sabordo
Just an information, no one's allowed to swim in the sandbar area because it's very dangerous. The waves might caught you and would take you far. There were 2 marshalls actually who were telling us not to do so. This was because Sensei was swimming. Haha!
Sands. Photo by Darl Anthony Pepito
We had an extreme, rated SPG game at the sea while we were swimming. The game was longest breath under the water. The loser had to take off one of his belongings until that person had left with his/her undies. The participants were mostly boys and Kweeny being the only girl. Of course, the naughty ones would want Kweeny to lose but Lawrence wouldn't want that to happen. It turned out Lawrence and Earl were the losers of the game. It was an interesting game, not to mention my voice was heard over the grilling station. We had fun so I didn't mind the volume of my voice. Sorry folks for that unwanted noise. :)
Preparing dinner. Photo by Darl Anthony Pepito
We brought flashlights with us although a torch was lit in our campsite. At dinner, we ate with our bare hands. Trashes were kept and separated because we cannot afford to throw it anywhere in the island. After dinner, everybody was busy playing with the water again. We had a domino game, what-are-your-first-5-impressions-on-me game and charades. Everybody was talking after, forming a circle and they drank. Jerson and I were beside them lying in the sands, watching the stars. 
Charades in the evening! Photo by Darl Anthony Pepito
We never knew they would sleep in the sands 'til morning. Haha! 

Since the sunset was not seen properly by our campsite, Jerson and I waited for the sunrise. I forgot that the other end of the sandbar was vacant and we could get a nicer view of the sunset over there. Argh! Oh well, sunrise was great too!
Sandy shore on sunrise
Lonely photo?
The sun's up!
Jerson and I went back to sleeping after capturing the sunrise. Haha! I woke up because I had to eat breakfast. 

Later that morning, Earl, Jerson and I went to the other part of the island. The island was small. We immediately arrived at the other sandbar which had no people in it. We owned this area. Haha!

Earl looked like a monkey! haha
What fruit is this?
The other part of the island. Yeah, the rocky road.
At last! We found it!
Earl ran further away.
Dead corals all over the place.
Earl and Jerson doing the very common trick. :D
Poisonous eh?
To the end of the sandbar, the waters were in conflict of the direction.
Crystal clear!
Indeed, the island's beautiful!
The rocky area near the sandbar.
When we went back, everybody was already busy preparing for home. Jerson and I took a last dip in the water before the preparations. 
We went back at 10:30am and arriving at Maya Port at 12 noon. Before going back to the city, we ate at the nearest carenderia we had seen. Due to the heat and the exhaustion, we rented a van that would take us back to the city. This time, Darl and Wyna took the bus without us. 

US. Photo by Ricco Adrian Sabordo

One last shot before we left
Our cool ride to Maya Port
The island was one-of-a-kind. This was the vacation I was talking about. Away from the city, no pollution, no traffic, no noise. In this island you could gaze at the beautiful stars at night and be hummed by the singing of the seas.

Did I just mention that we didn't have sun burns? :p


Fare to Maya (Rough Riders Bus)   - 160 pesos
(shared) Bangka rental fee           - 6500 pesos*
(shared) Van rental fee (to Cebu) - 3500 pesos**
Island entrance fee                      - 150 pesos*

* - Bangka fee was shared by 19 of us. We paid 725 pesos each for the bangka, island entrance fee, food, drinks, etc.
** - We rented a van that would take us back to Cebu City. Since there was still 1500 pesos left in our money collection, each of us just added 118 pesos to the total fare.

Total: 1,003 pesos (excluding the lunch for Saturday and Sunday and other miscellaneous expenses)


Lucky you, they only charged you 150 :)

Yeah! Way cheaper than the actual one.

hi, do you have the contact number for the bangka rental?
thank u...:)

nope, sorry I don't have it. It was my friend who contacted for the bangka rental. Anyways, there are many bangkas in Maya Port so don't worry. :)

Hi there,
Great blog and the island looks wonderful. A couple of things I was wondering - would it be possible to hire a bangka from Bogo (shorter bus and boat trip?). Also, I will be in Cebu City for a couple of months and was thinking of doing a similar thing. I won't know anyone initially and this would be far too expensive (and less fun) to do on my own. DO you know of any regular groups/trips that might go there?

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm not sure if there is a bangka from Bogo going to the island. If there is, it would be shorter bus travel time yet longer boat trip because Bogo is far from Leyte.
I think there are no regular trips going to the island from Cebu. You might wanna try asking the tourism office of Palompon, Leyte if they have. Most of the tourists going there are from Palompon, Leyte since the island is part of Palompon. However, this requires you going to Leyte.

hi my friends and i are planning 3rd week of this month. i thought bogo is the only option to palompon. thanks to your blog, i now knew of another option.by the way im from danao cebu. from Maya, you've mention there's a lot of bangka there, though they cater for like 5 persons? or do we have to rent the whole bangka?...would it take us directly to kalanggaman island or to palompon only? the same bangka will wait for us if we opt for a day trip? or would they return the following day if we opt to stay for an overnight?

Is the banka fare a one way ride or it includes going back to Bogo?

hi po, pwede ask if naa ka number sa bangka?thank you

hi po, pwede ask if naa ka number sa bangka?thank you