South Cebu Short Trip - Summary and Expenses (4/4)

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Last March 24-25, my college friends had our Cebu South Short trip instead of going to Bohol. We went to Tingko Beach in Alcoy, Obong Spring in Dalaguete and stayed at Bodo's Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy. Although there were only 5 of us, it rained and had brownout, we totally had fun. Besides the fun and adventure, it was a budget-friendly trip.


Took the bus to Alcoy at Cebu South Bus Terminal at 7am+
Arrived at Bodo's Bamboo Bar at around 9am 
Had swimming in Bodo's Bamboo Bar in the morning
Ate lunch at Bodo's restaurant

Went to Obong Spring, Dalaguete in the afternoon
Had swimming in the spring

Went to Tingko beach at 4pm+
Had swimming in the beach
Went to the town center at 6pm+
Ate dinner at the nearby lechon manok store
Had night swimming in the resort
Had breakfast in the room
Checked out at 11am+


Bus fare to Alcoy                                         - 110 pesos
(Shared) Accommodation Expense                - 550 pesos*
(Shared) Grocery                                        - 45 pesos**
Tricycle fare from resort to Obong Spring      - 10 pesos
Obong Spring Entrance Fee                           - 5 pesos
Tricycle fare from Obong to Tingko beach     - 10 pesos
Karaoke at Tingko beach                              - 20 pesos***
Bus Fare from Tingko to town center             - 9 pesos
Tricycle fare from town center to resort        - 10 pesos
(Shared) Lunch at the resort                         - 222 pesos****
(Shared) Dinner at the town center               - 50 pesos*****
Bus fare to Cebu City                                   - 108 pesos

*     - My part of the payment. The room costs 2750 pesos for the five of us including the extra mattress.
**    -  My part of the payment with a total of 233 pesos.
***   - My share to our karaoke expense. The karaoke is 5 pesos per song.
****  - My part of the payment with a total of 1110 pesos. This was shared by the five of us.
***** - My part of the payment with a total of 250 pesos which also includes the tip. 

Overall, it was a fun experience. Even though we didn't went to Bohol on that day, we still enjoyed our Cebu South trip. We found friends along the trip. We discovered new places. We built a stronger friendship.