South Cebu Short Trip - Obong Spring (2/4)

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From Triple B Resort, we traveled to Obong Spring by tricycle. It was a 5-10 minute drive. Obong Spring is located in the municipality of Dalaguete. On the way, we bought snacks because we were thinking they were no stores near the spring.

And we were wrong. There were stores. Haha!
We paid the entrance fee and walked our way to the spring. 
Obong Spring!
Entrance to the spring
We were a bit surprise on the number of people who were in the spring. I think this was the  simplest and cheapest destination in Dalaguete so all types of people are found in this place. 

The tables in the area were limited and you have to pay them. I did not try entering the CR facing the spring because I think many people will have to use them. I even changed my clothes using 2 sarongs

After getting ready, Jerson and I decided to join Earl on the coldest part of the spring. There were so many people and it was a bit noisy. Annoying maybe, but we just tried our best not to care them.
The spring was connected to the sea
The cold side of the spring
We did not stay long because Mykel wanted to go to Tingko Beach, Alcoy. Obong Spring was okay if there would have been less people in the place. We understood however, that would be impossible.