South Cebu Short Trip - Bodo's Bamboo Bar (1/4)

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Bodo's Bamboo Bar or Triple B to many was such a fine place. It was situated at the top of a hill with the ocean overlooking. They had a swimming pool and a covered jacuzzi. The place was totally great!
Welcome to Triple B!
Street view of the resort
We departed from Cebu at almost 7am, taking the Ceres bus to Alcoy and arrived at 8:30am in Triple B Resort. My friends and I were supposed to go to Bohol but due to uncertain circumstances, we did not pursue our trip. There were regrets of course, and disappointments but anyways, it's fine. We understand. :D

We paid 2750 pesos for the air conditioned room that we stayed. There was a double bed and a single one. There were 2 extra mattresses as well. The room also had a safety box, hair dryer, towels (we didn't bring one!), TV, and a hot and cold shower. The resort gave us a free newspaper in the morning. 
Please ignore the mess. The boys were responsible for this. HAHA >:)
This was the next morning though
After we checked in and hurriedly put our things in the room, we went swimming! Even with the strong heat of the sun, we didn't care because the water was cool.
Shaded jacuzzi and the swimming pool
Water flowing from the jacuzzi to the pool
The swimming pool
Mykel doing his moves
You may zoom around to check the water that's flowing
Jacuzzi when turned off
We toured the place. I was so amazed by how they maintained such a place. It was clean. Wonderful. They tried to make it naturally beautiful which was the best thing.
Discovered a drum set :D
Cottages for day use
The swing outside our room
The grotto
Jerson doing his jump shot
Mykel and Earl running around
In the morning Jerson and I borrowed the pingpong set and played at the covered hall. The others joined us.
Pingpong in the morning
Fish pond!
We also tried eating lunch at their restaurant. Although it was expensive, it was still worth it. Be sure to ask the waitress on the serving size of the food. You may want to share to others.
Jerson's work while waiting for our orders
Kalderetang beef!
Chicken wings, up up and away!
They said that good food can wait and yeah, the food was worth the wait. It was delicious and we were so speechless while eating heavily. If only it's not expensive, we would surely eat there for dinner. Haha

Unfortunately, foods from outside were not allowed to be brought to the resort. Since we were misbehaving, we disobeyed this rule of course.

Overall, Triple B's a recommended resort for those who wants a peaceful trip. Even if it was away from the beach, I would still choose this resort.