SM City Cebu - Sinulog Fireworks Competition 2012

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It's actually my first time posting something unrelated to my "far-away-the-city" travelling experiences because SM City Cebu was always our destination whenever we want to escape from school. I'm from Cebu so it's no wonder everyone here in Cebu goes to SM. 

What I really wanted to post was the scene I've gotten to see during the Sinulog Festival 2012. The yearly Fireworks Competition in SM Cebu was highly anticipated. The competition was usually scheduled the day before the actual Sinulog day, that is every 2nd Saturday of the month of January. People from different places gather to witness the Sinulog celebration in the city. 

It was January 14, 2012. Together with my college mates we went to the rooftop at 7pm. The competition would start by an hour then. We looked for an ideal place to stay which was out of the dust and remains of the fireworks. We waited and waited and..

It was still the same. It's just that the competition went to a higher level than that of last year's. It was still AWESOME.
Lucky to capture this!
And this!
And poof! It became coco krunch! :p
Electro-magnetic powers!
"Alone in the night"
Simplicity is beauty. :p
A rocket! 
I just love red <3
Wait, there's more!
It was exploding everywhere so that's how the camera saw it. hehe
All the camera could see were the lights!
It was a very rare chance to see the fireworks without lifting your head high (with much effort, not to mention). 

We knew that SM Cebu would have its Pyrofest on the 15th but we chose to witness Ayala Center Cebu's Pyrofest (for a change). A source said the one in SM on the 15th was amazing. In Ayala I think it was full of smoke and it was that quick.

* Photos were from Jerson's camera. Both of us took it. :p