Singli Mt. Resort Day Adventure

December 18, 2011 was the day that we planned to celebrate the Christmas Party with my batchmates in USC. On that morning, we traveled to Singli Mountain Resort, San Fernando, Cebu by Angeli's boyfriend, Kris's car. With me was Angeli, Richard, Chady, Kris (the driver), and Jerson. We traveled for almost an hour. It was convenient to travel by a private car than commute because the habal-habal that would take you to the resort could not be a good idea especially if you're carrying lots of stuffs. The funny part was we were lost. Haha!

We had reservations so it was not problematic. The entrance was 50 pesos for day use, and the big cottage was 400 pesos. The small one was for 300 pesos. The advantage of the big cottage was that it had a 2nd floor, and we opted for the big cottage.
The view to Singli
Small cottage (worth Php300)
Our cottage (ground floor)
Our cottage (2nd level) [Sorry Kris but I have to post this! hehe]

Inside the resort were 3 pools, fresh air, wonderful ambiance, and a great view of the mountains. Indeed we were at the top of the mountain. They also have a common grilling station so we utilized it. They were not strict with the swimming attire too but one was not allowed to drink or eat in the swimming pool.

The smallest pool, maybe for kids
We were not sure if the smallest pool was ready for use. We were thinking they put a fountain at the top for water to continuously flow.
The medium-sized pool
The medium-sized pool was where we played games. It was convenient for me because I didn't know how to swim and this pool saved me. Hehe! I was thinking that this pool would go deeper as you went at the back.
The lap pool
The lap pool was the largest of all the swimming pools and probably the warmest because lots of people were there. HAHA! Be careful because as you go further, it will also become deeper.

There was also an exhibit inside the resort. The owner, as I've heard from other customers, was an architect and only he knew every meaning of his works.
The other side was where outdoor exhibit was
A tool for sitting and for dining?
Don't mind Jerson(who was so cute in this photo hehe), just mind the works
Seesaw and swing all-in-one? Haha!
Aside from that, Singli was all about nature!
Define it!
The real beauty is from within. (I can't find the connection! HAHA)
We were in the resort 'til 4pm. The others who managed to commute, remained 'til 8pm. They said the street was so dark when they went home. 
With me was TF Earl and BFF Richard
(L-R) Me, Angeli and Charina
(L-R) Jerson, Ricco and Kris
Ahem. :D
Overall, it was worth it. I would recommend you try and visit Singli Mountain Resort if you want to escape the pressure in the city.


Cottage - 400 pesos (good for 15-30 people)
Entrance fee - 50 pesos per head
Gasoline payment - 100 pesos per head (only the 6 of us who went ahead paid this)

Total: 2415 pesos*

Payment per person: 150 pesos**

* - total payment includes cottage, food expenses, others and does not include the travelling fee and the entrance fee
** - Instead of 161 pesos, we paid 150 pesos for the 15 of us because Earl treated us all with the 11 pesos. Thanks Earl!


Nganong muinit man ang pool og daghan ang taw? :p