Negros Occ. Unwind - Water Resort aka Forest Park (5/10)

Water Resort, Water Garden, Forest Park were all the names of this resort. It's located in Brgy. Taculing, Bacolod City which was a 20-minute ride from downtown Bacolod. This place was kinda new to me even if I'm from Bacolod myself.

We walked for 5 minutes from where the jeepney got us off. The sound of the river and the melody of the birds would surely welcome you. We paid an entrance fee of 120 pesos, inclusive of all the pools in Water Garden. It was Friday so we were not expecting a crowd. True enough, there were not so many people in the area. 
Welcome to Water Garden!
Jerson and I at the Water Garden
We toured the place first. We decided not to rent a table or a cottage since it's expensive. There were other chairs that were for free, so why not use them? 

After changing clothes, (there was a rule not to wear cotton shirts/shorts in the pool) we dipped into the biggest pool. It was not that deep, made especially for kids. When crossing the bridge, however it's already 5ft in depth. 
Biggest pool
The bridge
The 5ft in depth area
After the biggest pool, we tried the lazy pool. There was no one in the lazy pool so we were a bit lucky to own that pool.
The left side view from the small bridge of the lazy pool
The right side view from the small bridge of the lazy pool
Passing the small bridge will take you to the wishing well. We took photos since it was very pretty even though our camera was on low battery.
Jerson's epic pose
There was also a mini zoo in the place. So after the swim, we went to see the animals. Some animals were a bit scary. Some were cute. Others were weird. AHAHAHA
A foreign bird
Legend of the Guardian! HAHA
Deer and Aligator, scary!
Tired from the swim and the animals' sightseeing, we decided to play in the playground. HAHAHA. It brought out the kids in us. 
Jerson 's very happy!
At 5:20 pm, we left the area to go to SM Bacolod where we would be meeting my mother. We're gonna be watching "No Other Woman" in the cinema. Bond with mother :)


hi! I don't have a copy of their price list and I already forgot.
I guess they have higher prices compared before.