Negros Occ. Unwind - Summary and Expenses (10/10)

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Last October 6-10, 2011, Jerson and I wandered in Negros Occidental. Erwin, Ricco and Ryan came on the 8th. Ryan went home early on the 9th, Jerson and I returned home on the 10th while Erwin and Ricco returned home on the 11th. All of us stayed on our house so accommodation expenses was never a problem. 


Day 1

Arrived at Silay City Airport at 5pm+
Went to Robinsons Place Bacolod to have dinner and waited for my mother
Masskara entries in Robinsons
Toured Robinsons
Bought groceries in Robinsons Supermarket

Day 2

Went to Rose Lawns Memorial Garden
Lunch at Manokan Country
Went to SM City Bacolod
Bought snacks in SM Supermarket
Swimming in Water Garden (aka Forest Park)
Exploring the mini zoo in Water Garden
Exploring more of Water Garden
Dinner at SM City Bacolod
Movie watching at SM

Day 3 

Fetched Erwin, Ricco and Ryan in South Bus Terminal
Lunch at Chinky's Libertad
Went home for the newcomers to change
Exploring The Ruins
Went to Robinsons Place Bacolod for snacks
Watched the Masskara entries in Robinsons (this time with the newcomers)
Explored the Capitol Lagoon
Toured to SM City Bacolod
Dinner at Manokan Country
Enjoying the carnival rides
Toured downtown Bacolod

Day 4

Went to Libertad to ride a mini bus to Mambukal
Trekking Mambukal Resort's 7 waterfalls
Lunch at Mambukal Resort
Toured the resort
Rode Slide for Life
Boating in the Lagoon
Went to the Butterfly Garden
Swimming in the Dipping Pool (aka Hot Spring)
Bought pasalubong in Merci's Bacolod
Dinner at Chowking Bacolod
Hatod Ryan to Ceres Bus Terminal

Day 5

Visited Rose Lawns Memorial Garden
Went to the old train in Bacolod
Bought pasalubongs
Went to Silay City Airport
Traveled back to Cebu City


Airport Fees (from/to)        - 400.00 pesos
Dinner at Robinsons            - 100.00 pesos
Lunch at Manokan Country   - 120.00 pesos 
Water Garden entrance fee - 120.00 pesos
Dinner at SM City Bacolod   - 200.00 pesos
Lunch at Chinky's                - 70.00 pesos
The Ruins entrance fee        - 60.00 pesos
Dinner at Manokan Country   - 122.00 pesos
Carnival entrance fee          - 20.00 pesos
Mouse Coaster ride             - 50.00 pesos
Swing Carousel                   - 30.00 pesos
Mambukal Entrance             - 30.00 pesos
Tour guide fee                   - 100.00 pesos
Lunch at Mambukal             - 210.00 pesos
Slide for Life                     - 50.00 pesos
Boating                             - 50.00 pesos
Butterfly Garden                - 20.00 pesos
Dipping Pool                     - 50.00 pesos
Lunch at Chicken Deli        - 100.00 pesos
Transportation Expenses    - 518.00 pesos
Miscellaneous fees             - 763.00 pesos
Airport Fees                      - 400.00 pesos

Total: 3291.00 pesos (individual payments)

Note that we stayed at our house and this breakdown of the expenses was excluding our airfare. Cebu Pacific Air announced a seat sale promo last March 2011 so we booked in advance for this trip. We paid a total of 567.68 pesos for two for the airfare at that time.

It was such a fulfilling experience. Touring Negros Occidental within 5 days and a budget of less than 5,000 pesos is not bad after all. It was an experience you'll never forget. If you want to avoid the commotion in the city, then Bacolod City is indeed the place for you! There is definitely no place like home.