Negros Occ. Unwind - The Ruins (6/10)

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The Ruins is famous in Bacolod City because of its architectural design and it's old. This mansion was built by Don Marcelo Lacson for his first wife who's very pretty and they had 9 kids if I remember it right. The mansion was finished at 1920 but unfortunately, his wife died on 1911 because she slipped in the bathroom. Due to Marcelo's love to his wife, he continued the creation of the mansion even though he had married another woman.

The mansion had 9 rooms (if I'm not mistaken) with the girls on the 2nd floor and the boys on the ground floor. The materials used in making the mansion were not ordinary materials. In fact, they were exported from another country. Imagine how rich Don Marcelo was!

On World War II, because of fear that the mansion might end up being a Japanese headquarters, they burnt it. Unfortunately, the mansion remained strong so they added more to make the fire go more intense. It took 3 days to burn the mansion, by the way. That's how thick the woods used. The marbled wall was never burnt, still smooth to the skin.
The ruins
Lucky us, our house was near The Ruins so we just walked. There was an entrance fee of 60 pesos and yes, I think it's overpricing! HAHA Since we were there, we paid the fee and began our photo memories.
Ruins: front view
That's Jerson
Us in Ruins
We toured the place. It was really beautiful and clean. I discovered there was a mini golf also but it's expensive.
mini golf
I think this was a restaurant
Something from outside
The view of the place from inside the house
We entered the house and it was pretty. It's not spooky like other ancestral houses. There were tour guides on the place that would give a brief description or explanation on the history of the mansion.
View from the side
The original owners of the house
Jerson from inside
Photo taken during the construction of the mansion
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: the view from the 2nd floor
We also found a fountain outside. It was said that the fountain was also old, same age as the mansion. At sunset, one could capture a view of the mansion like a mirror or from a water level view. I can't explain it further but it's great. Of course, one would be looking at the water from the fountain. 
Photo of Ricco Adrian Sabordo: the fountain
Photo of Ricco Adrian Sabordo: the veranda
We didn't stay long on the place since it started pouring. We moved on to our next destination which was Robinsons Bacolod, this time with the group. 

By the way, be reminded that if you took a tricycle from Ruins to the main road, it would cost 15-25 pesos. Overpricing again. Sigh!