Negros Occ. Unwind - Rose Lawns and More (9/10)

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The 1st and last day of our Negros Occidental trip was a visit to the graves of my grandparents. They were buried in Rose Lawns Memorial Garden, just a 5-minute ride from our house. Since I was not able to visit Bacolod City for more than 2 years, I think this was the right time to pay them a visit.
Chapel in Rose Lawns Memorial Garden
Day 2: Going to the grave
Day 2: Sadako fail! hahaha
Day 2: Almost there!
And we have arrived at the graves. I was saddened by the fact that I cannot be with my grandparents on the death anniversary of my grandmother on the 12th which was Wednesday. (The last day of our trip was October 10, Monday).
Day 5: Graves
Across the graves were the sugar canes. A magnificent view also from the sky could be seen from there.
Day 2: Jerson introducing his mansion?
Day 2: The tree near the graves of my grandparents
After praying and staying under the heat of the sun for a while, we headed back. 
Day 2: The clear sky!
Day 5: Enk! Wrong position
Day 5: Incredible flower from one of the graves
Day 5: Photo taken by Ricco Adrian Sabordo using the camera we brought
Before we went to Merci's Pasalubong to get our orders, we decided to pass by the old train. We rode a jeepney going to Gov't Center as suggested by my mother. We stopped by the old train and took photos.
Old Train!
Ricco in the old train
(L-R) Jerson, Me and Erwin
(L-R) Ricco, Me, Jerson
While waiting for another jeepney to pass by, the gang enjoyed talking and taking photos. Finally, a jeepney bound for Gov't Center came! We rode and stopped by Brgy. Homesite. From there, we would take another jeepney and dropped by the public hospital of Bacolod City. From the public hospital, we walked to Merci's Pasalubong to get our 5 boxes of napoleones. 

We went to SM City Bacolod to get the other boxes and also decided to print Erwin and Ricco's itinerary receipt there for the discount. Unfortunately, we could not find a computer shop inside SM. How bad! We walked to downtown and rented a computer on the first computer shop we passed. After printing, we went back to SM again. We were already starving to death. 
The box of napoleones
After paying for the boxes, we had lunch at Chicken Deli. Chicken Deli's chicken was wonderful compare to that of Mang Inasal's. They also have an unlimited rice promo. 

Right after lunch, Jerson and I hurriedly went back to the house to get our things while Erwin and Ricco went to Robinsons Place Bacolod to get the other boxes they have ordered. 

We were just in time for the L-300-style ride to Silay City Airport. We paid 35 pesos for the fare. It was not really that comfortable compare to our shuttle ride on the first day but we opted for the cheapest way to get to the airport. And this was it! My mother and father were already attacking me with text messages that we might not catch the trip if we would be riding this L-300-style ride but I insisted that we would not be late.

True enough, we were just in time. Our flight actually got delayed for almost an hour. I didn't know the reason why, though. It was raining heavily outside. Maybe that was the cause.
The view before it rained
Observed that the view changed when it rained
Yep, our flight's delayed
At 6pm+ we boarded the Cebu Pacific aircraft once again bound for Cebu. The aerial view of Negros, even though dark, was still great. I know I'll be back someday. Surely, a trip we enjoyed a lot!