Negros Occ. Unwind - Mambukal Resort (8/10)

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We were supposed to wake up at 6am to leave from the house early. And the 6am flew away. Haha! After having breakfast, we packed up our things and hurriedly depart from the house.

We rode the usual tricycle that would take us out of the village and the jeepney bound for Libertad. My mother told me to stop by at UNO-R (sister school of USJ-R here in Cebu City) to get to Libertad. After walking a little, we found a mini bus bound for Mambukal. The fare was 40 pesos. 

After a 45-minute ride, we arrived at Mambukal Resort which was the last stop of the mini bus. We paid an entrance fee of 30 pesos each. The officials were pleased to have us that they even gave us a map of the resort. Thanks to them!
(L-R) Jerson, Erwin, Me, Ryan, Ricco
A teenage boy toured us in the place. He said he would gladly take us to the 7 waterfalls in the resort and we agreed to it.

It was a tiresome trek but very nature-friendly. We saw lots of fruit bats as we went to the waterfalls. 
Fruits bats in the resort
Can you spot them?
We passed by the canopy walk. Even though it looked fun, we were not so eager to try it. We might get out of budget. Haha! By the way, a long walk on it costs 50 pesos.
The fun canopy walk
And we arrived at what we thought was the first waterfall. It turned out to be something like a river flowing. Haha!
The waterfall-like river
The boy said we were almost there. And indeed he was right, I could already hear the sound of the waves.
The bridge crossing to the 1st waterfall
Jerson and I at the first waterfall
We continued our journey and this time it was so steep. The 2nd and the 3rd waterfalls have a small distance apart.
2nd waterfall
3rd waterfall (or maybe this was the 4th?)
By this time, we were all sweating to death
As we continued our journey, I hysterically fainted. Ryan, Ricco, Erwin and the tour guide went ahead so they did not see me fainting in the woods. A group of kids who were in the area, another tour guide and another group of tourists helped me. I forgot to bring my first aid whenever I fainted so Jerson drastically fanned (?). And yep, I laid down on the floor. After 10 minutes I was okay and we continued our journey. 
This was where I laid down
The 6th waterfall was our last stop since I could not afford to faint again. Aw! What's nice about the 6th waterfall was that we were allowed to swim unlike the first 5 waterfalls. The boys swam while I washed my feet. Mind you, the water was cold.
Are they the new love birds?
The boys (and a geng) were enjoying the swim
Jerson having a massage from the waters
After the trekking, we paid the tour guide an amount less than 500 pesos. (I forgot to list down the expenses, sorry!) It was almost 1pm so we decided to have lunch at the canteen area. 

In the dining area of the resort, there were various food stalls coming from the different parts of Negros Occidental. We ordered pork belly with rice each, grilled squid and sinigang na pasayan. (I forgot the expenses again :( my bad!)
Sinigang na pasayan
Grilled squid, FTW!
Pork Belly
After having lunch, we walked around and toured the area. We passed by the big swimming pool, the dipping pool (hot spring), wall climbing and mini zipline which we promised to be back after going to the sulfur area. All of these have a fee of 50 pesos each. We also passed by a group selling different kinds of flowers.
One of the flowers they were selling
The big swimming pool
Wall climbing!
It was indeed hot in the sulfur area. We could see the steam and feel the hotness in the place. 

We went back to try their Slide For Life, also known to many as the zipline. It was Jerson and I's first time trying this adventure ride. Unfortunately, Erwin didn't have a partner so he walked from that area to the boating area. The Slide For Life accepts 2 passengers at a time. We paid 50 pesos each for the ride.
This was what we cross
Ricco and Ryan this time
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Jerson and I zipping away
Our landing place was the Ishiwata Oforou, a Japanese-influenced bath house. The fee was expensive so we didn't try it.
Jerson explored the Ishiwata Bath House
When Erwin arrived, we immediately tried boating in the lagoon. We paid a fee of 50 pesos and the adventure began!
Jerson and I at the lagoon
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: exciting boating
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: happy ride
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: I think we passed that rock for a couple of times
After an hour, we went to the Butterfly Garden. We paid 20 pesos for the entrance fee (I think). Unfortunately, our camera passed out.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: brownish butterfly
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Butterflies
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Soon-to-be butterflies
Favorite of all the butterflies
Tired from all the adventures, I think we deserve to have a reward. Yes, a dip in the dipping pool (hot spring) was the perfect one! So we trekked again to go to the other side of the resort just to take a swim in the famous dipping pool. Paid a fee of 50 pesos, one could enjoy the massage from the warm water.
The dipping pool
Photo of Ricco Adrian Sabordo: in the dipping pool
The view from the dipping pool at 5:30-6:30 pm was magnificent. We could see lots of fruit bats flying in the resort. We have no idea why but there were many of them. It was indeed a stress-free weekend.

It was almost 7pm. We missed the last trip of the mini bus that would take us back to Bacolod City. Since we lack out of choices, we opted for the motorcycle ride to Murcia proper. I think we paid 70 pesos each for that ride. In Murcia, we boarded a jeepney bound for Bacolod City for 17 pesos. 

Upon reaching Bacolod City, we hurriedly went to Pendy's which was famous for its napoleones. Unfortunately, they ran out of stock and that they're closed at that time. Haha! We walked to Merci's Pasalubong across the famous L'Fisher Hotel. We made reservations on 16 boxes of napoleones and bought other treats. We had a 10% discount since we showed our itinerary receipt from Cebu Pacific. We ate dinner at Chowking which was nearby, across the Capitol Lagoon. We hurried so Ryan could take the 11pm bus back to Cebu City and he did!

It was indeed a tiresome but an awesome day! I'll surely be back to this haven.