Negros Occ. Unwind - Bacolod City (7/10)

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From the South Bus Terminal (to fetch Ricco, Erwin and Ryan), to our house, The Ruins and Robinsons Bacolod (this time with the boys), we explored Bacolod City more. 

1. The Capitol Lagoon
Even though I'm from Bacolod City myself, it's my very first time to step in the area. Haha!
The Capitol Lagoon
The amazing Mcdo-Jobe-KFC all-in-one!
BC 00 :D
Something in Lagoon
That's Jerson and Ricco below
Another something again in Capitol
Since it was about to rain, we boarded a jeepney going to SM City Bacolod.

2. SM City Bacolod!
SM City Bacolod was built lately, I think 2 years before. It's located in the reclamation area of Bacolod City. We were not lucky enough to take photos because it was already pouring. Our cameras might end up in the service center if so. 

3. Manokan Country
This was our 2nd time in the area, this time with Erwin, Ricco and Ryan who were first-timers. Find my post on our first day here

4. Carnival
Since Masskara's fast approaching, carnivals were already on their way to entertain the residents of the City of Smiles. Entrance fee was 20 pesos.
scary sea dragon (=anchors away in EK)
car pool (?) wanna ride but we didn't have the luxury of time
swing carousel 
crazy mouse coaster (=roller coaster)
the lights :D
We rode the Crazy Mouse Coaster (more like a mini roller coaster style) for 50 pesos only. It was a dizzy ride but very enjoyable. Because of Erwin's pamugos, we also rode the Swing Carousel which I thought would take my breath away. The Swing Carousel ride costs 30 pesos only. Supposedly we would be riding the Sea Dragon but I got a personal problem that I even called my mother to fetch me in the carnival. (It was also her first time, mind you. :D)

5. Bacolod City Plaza
Luckily, as we were about to go home, we saw a commotion in the plaza. A GMA-7 teaser of the Masskara Festival was shown where dancers were in their best performance. We stayed there for a while and watched as they grooved to the beat. 
Masskara teaser show of GMA-7
Dance couple :D
It was actually the last dance of the show and we were very lucky to witness a part of it. We were just in time. Haha!

6. Bacolod Cathedral
Since it was already late in the evening, the gates of the Bacolod City Cathedral were closed. We were just outside looking at the church and of course, taking pictures of it.
The cathedral
Image of Mother Mary and Her Son outside the church
I have been inside a couple of times already when I was still in college (I'm 1-year working now) and it was indeed holy and spacious, too. 

7. Night Market in the Plaza
We bought a mango shake for 5 pesos since we were very thirsty at that time.
night market
After a tiresome adventure, we rode a jeepney going to our house to take a rest and prepare for another adventure the day after. 

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