Malapascua Island Holiday - Summary and Expenses

Last November 5-6, my office-mates and I together with my college friends went to Malapascua Island to spend the weekend. Nov. 7 was declared a holiday so we decided to do fun things over the weekend. My college friends arrived late, and unfortunately, they also went back early. They have plans of going to Vanessa's house, my college friend who lives in Daan Bantayan. Luckily, we were able to visit Vanessa's house too.


Day 1

Arrived at Malapascua Island at around 9am+
Looked for a place to stay
Ended up in Purple Snapper
Lunch at Ging2x's Restaurant
Explored Malapascua Island
Went to the light house

Day 2

Breakfast at Purple Snapper
Malapascua Island tour
Snorkeling all over the island
Went to Vanessa's place in Daan Bantayan


Bus to Maya Port                                                          - 163 pesos
Bangka                                                                        - 80 pesos
Little boat to shore                                                      - 20 pesos
Lunch at Ging2x's                                                          - 93 pesos*
Snacks                                                                         - 5 pesos
Motorcycle ride from light house                                   - 15 pesos
(Shared) Accommodation/Expenses                                - 380 pesos**
Snorkeling gear + Island tour + bangka going to Maya port -  237.50 pesos***
Little boat to Maya port                                                - 20 pesos
Fare to Vanessa's place                                                  - 10 pesos
Fare to Cebu City                                                         - 154 pesos

Total: 1415.00 pesos (individual payments)

*   - My part of the payment with a total of 550 pesos. Shared by Jerson, Ryan, Jellie, Lawrence and I.
**  - My individual payment. This was shared by all 11 of us. This includes all the groceries, drinks, food, payment at Purple Snapper, grill rental, etc.
*** - My individual share from a total of 475 pesos. This was shared by Jerson and I.

Overall, it was fun and incredible. Even though there were lots of controversies in this outing, we still managed to enjoy. I never would have thought that traveling Malapascua Island would never be this budget-friendly. Surely, I shall come back for more!


How much was the boat rental for the tour around Malapascua?

Hi! They charged us 350 for the tour per person and 100 for the snorkeling gear. It was discounted actually. :D