Malapascua Island Holiday - Day 2

We should've woke up at 6 am. But due to the exhaustion the day before, we woke up late. Manong Sonny, the guy we contacted for the snorkeling and the tour in the island, was already at the resort so early in the morning.

We didn't know Ryan and Ricco woke up early and went for a walk on the beach. They said it was awesome. And thank God we didn't choose Dano's Beach Resort because it was so hot there. 
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Sandy shore!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: The beach!
We hurriedly ate breakfast at the resort's eating area. FYI, included in our resort fee was the free breakfast. It was so delicious, mind you. There was also a juice for all of us. Incredible! 
American breakfast courtesy of Purple Snapper
Unfortunately, others couldn't join the snorkeling. They have other plans. So we bid farewell after breakfast. Ricco, Charina, Jellie, Ryan, Lawrence, Jerson and I were the only ones coming for the snorkeling. A foreign guy also joined us in the boat since he was alone. We paid 200 for the boat rental and 100 for the snorkeling gear. Charina and Ricco didn't rent the gear so they only paid 200 pesos. Jerson and I shared 1 gear because the foreign guy used one of our gears. It was also a good thing that we shared because I was afraid and we didn't know how to use the equipment.

I was hesitant to see what's below at first. Even though we all are in life jackets, in my mind I felt like the sea was drowning me. Thank God I overcame that fear and enjoyed the swimming and snorkeling around the island of Malapascua.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Crocodile-like rocks!
Photo of Jellie De Gracia: Our 1st stop!
Photo of Jellie De Gracia: Our 1st stop pose 2
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Jellie and the light house
Ricco dives!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: The other side of Malapascua
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Charina and Ricco swimming at the clear waters
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: swimming at our final stop! (L-R) Ryan, Jerson and I
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: We were just joking!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: And finally, we're done!
We started our trip at 9am and ended at around 12. It was fun. Even though Jerson told me that the corals in Moalboal were way better than Malapascua, I think it was still awesome. I got to see the fishes of different kinds and colors. I got to overcome my fear. Way back in Moalboal, I never got the chance to see the fishes and corals for long because I was afraid.

Reaching Purple Snapper, we immediately took a shower. Others who were waiting for their turn played pingpongWhen I was done with the shower, Jerson and I got hold of the pingpong. It was a great game! We were sweating to death. 
Photo of Jellie De Gracia: Pingpong with Jerson
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: (L-R) Jellie, Lawrence, Me, Jerson, Charina, Ricco 
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: We at Purple Snapper
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Goodbye Purple Snapper
We didn't have the chance to take lunch at Malapascua. As agreed, we would took lunch in Daan Bantayan before going back to the city. 

When we arrived at the beach front, the bangka was already waiting for us. They were load of passengers already. I bet they were also like us, travelers. At the bangka, we agreed to take lunch at Vanessa's place, our college classmate from Daan Bantayan.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Goodbye Malapascua
It was already 2pm+ when we reached Vanessa's place. She and other classmates from Malapascua, were already done taking lunch so we were the only ones who ate. After, others went to the beach while we (Jerson, Ryan, Jellie, Lawrence and I) went back to the city. 
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Daan Bantayan
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: to Vanessa's house
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: to Vanessa's house we all go
Photo of Ricco Adrian Sabordo: at Daan Bantayan
(L-R) Ryan, Me, Jerson, Lawrence, Jellie, Charina, Erwin, Lejee, Tonet, Chady, Vanessa
Photographer: Ricco
I must say that even if the trip was chaotic, still we managed to enjoy it. It was one of the trips I'll surely cherish and remember. Indeed, Malapascua Island was worth it.

Note: I failed to bring/borrow a camera so most of the photos here are by my friends RyanJellie and Ricco. Jerson and I used Jerson's camera phone instead of a digital camera.


pila inyu na gasto tanan including sa boat and bus padung sa port? hehe

hi james! naa dire ay

pssst... naa moi contact sa inung snorkeling2?

nope ji. he just went to the resort, i think he's the resort owner's friend.

tag pila ang room nila good for 10pax??salamat