Malapascua Island Holiday - Day 1

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It was Saturday 4:20 am (Nov. 5, 2011) when we departed from the North Bus Terminal of Cebu City to Maya, Daan Bantayan. Lots of people were sleeping since it's dawn. It was a crazy, roller coaster-like ride. Imagine we jumped out of our seats! After 3 hours (with aching butts), we arrived at the Maya Port with the sun already up. The bus fare was 163 pesos.

At Maya Port, we waited for other passengers to board on the bangka. It was not yet a developed port so expect people to sit on the rocks or stand up instead. The fare was 80 pesos. The green bangka would depart at around 8:30 am (first trip) and it did. Note that there was no signal for Sun Cellular in the port.
Photo of Jellie De Gracia: At Maya Port
Supposedly, this trip was canceled but thanks to Ryan, this trip was a success! Many said (including weather predictions over the internet) that the weather would not be so good but the weather in Malapascua Island was different. 

Indeed, we were welcomed by the intense sunshine. The waters were crystal clear, so different from the one in Lapu-lapu. (HAHAHA) Since it was low tide, we were transferred to a small bangka and it would require you to pay 20 pesos each. 

People would then ask you if you had any reservations already. We answered no so we were escorted to different places for rent. We were not happy about it since we were out of budget and we would like to explore the place by ourselves. After the 3rd place we  checked out, we got rid of the man who insisted on escorting us. 
Photo of Jellie De Gracia: Looking for a place to stay
Below were the summary of places we went to check:
  1. A house for rent but only the 2nd floor could be rented for 1000 pesos good for 4 people. Excess would require an additional fee. Far from the beach and the view of the terrace was a construction area and a pit.
  2. A spacious room for rent for 1000 pesos not far from the beach. It only had 1 electric fan and it was kinda hot inside.
  3. A resort not far from the beach but it would require 2 rooms. Kinda expensive and we could not even call it the 3rd on the list.
  4. Dano's Resort which had a big room for all of us for 2000 pesos. Nice and beachfront but the helper advised us to check other places which offered much cheaper rates.
  5. Mike and Diose's Resort which was terrific, aside from the fact that's located in front of the beach but unfortunately, the rooms were fully occupied.
  6. Purple Snapper Resort wherein we settled for 2 rooms (1100 for 2 and 1200 for 2) with an additional person for 250 pesos. Free breakfast, mattress, wifi, and resort facilities like swimming pool, billiards, pingpong, etc.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Purple Snapper's swimming pool
After taking a bath, we went to Ging2x's Place, most visited by foreigners on the island, for lunch. The food was not that expensive compared to the ones in the city. You just have to be patient since it would take a while for your orders to arrive. We ordered and ate a lot and we paid 550 pesos for the five of us (Jellie, Ryan, Jerson, Lawrence and I). I must say that the food was VERY DELICIOUS!
Delicious lunch at Ging2x's
After having lunch, we trekked to the lighthouse. We asked for directions and we were told to just go straight the path. We just followed and walked and walked. We were talking much so we didn't noticed that we were already close to the lighthouse. We reached near the shore. Then we realized that Malapascua Island was surprisingly a small island.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: This way to the light house please
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Road to light house
Jerson near the shore
Kids playing escorted us to the lighthouse, although we only asked one girl for directions. In exchange, we gave them 20 pesos. The view from the lighthouse was marvelous! It was windy and there was a signal for Sun Cellular so we stayed there for a while. 
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: to light house
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Parola!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: (L-R) Lawrence, Ryan, Jerson, Me at parola
We decided to go back at 3pm+ to the resort. Since we were already tired of walking at almost an hour, we took a motorcycle back to the resort. Fare was 15 pesos each.

At the resort, we hurriedly changed. The manager asked us about our friends who could be coming so we realized that the manager was so caring. Haha! Then to the beach we shall! Hahahaha!

It never rained. The sunset was not captured though since dark clouds covered the sun. We enjoyed the waters, really. It was very refreshing!
Malapascua's beach
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: (L-R) Jerson, Ryan, Me, Lawrence at the beach
It was already night time when our other friends arrived at the resort. We were actually waiting for them in the place where we first stepped foot on the island. We hurriedly cooked dinner since we were so hungry already.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Dinner!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Dinner at Purple Snapper's restaurant
After dinner, a commotion was sensed. Due to its shamefulness, I'd rather not talk about it.

At night time, we partied at the swimming pool which was cold. There was a disco nearby but we never cared. Instead, we went to the beach to take a sip. It was very very cold so Jerson and I were shivering. We went back to our room and took a nap because we lacked sleep the day before. Others slept late.
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Housemates at the 2nd room
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Pool party!
Photo of Ryan Valmoria: Deep talk? Haha!
Note: I failed to bring/borrow a camera so most of the photos here are by my friends Ryan and Jellie. Jerson and I used Jerson's camera phone instead of a digital camera.