Negros Occ. Unwind - Robinsons Bacolod (3/10)

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We reached Robinsons Bacolod at almost 6 pm. Jerson was amazed on how big the Robinsons Bacolod was than the Robinsons in Cebu. Robinsons Bacolod was considered as the famous shopping mall before SM Bacolod was built. Together with Gaisano Bacolod, they ruled the city of smiles not until SM Bacolod was built. 

We looked first on where to eat since we were very hungry. The fast foods didn't have glasses in them like the one in Cebu and yes, again, Jerson was impressed. Haha. We chose to eat at Chowking. 

After eating, my mother told me to visit and see the masskaras in the 2nd level. After buying  medicine, we went to see if there were really masskaras. And yes, there were. It was really beautiful and magnificent. 
Masskara entries
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Split personality 
Scary but pretty
The one in white is not a masskara.
The woody masskara
Korea inspired masskara
Very holy indeed
Tribal masskara
Other entries
Flowery masskara
Jerson with a masskara
Very happy masskara
Wee violet!
Other entries
After the masskara sightseeing, we toured inside Robinsons. Nothing special, though. Just touring. 
Jerson's first time in Robinsons Bacolod
The fountain!
We went to the 3rd level of the mall. It was the food court, amusement centers and movie theaters that welcomed us.
Quantum's model
Seesaw ride in WOF
WOF's model
We were tired so we just sat down and waited for my mother to arrive. It was 7:30 pm already when she arrived. We wanted to dine and wanted to see the masskaras. Before taking dinner, she went to see the masskaras.
Mother and I
Very shy mother
After the picture taking, we went to the supermarket to buy foods. Unfortunately, Robinsons Bacolod closes at 8pm. My mother was not able to buy dinner. 
Robinsons Bacolod during a rainy day (taken on our day3)
For more pictures on the Masskara entries, here's the link to my Flickr account.