Negros Occ. Unwind - Manokan Country (4/10)

It was our day 2 in Bacolod City. My mother woke me early because our old yaya visited me. Haha. We talked and we gave her the pasalubong. Both my mother and yaya went out together for work. Jerson and I were left at the house.

We took a little breakfast and Jerson kept playing with the old piano.
Jerson with the piano (taken on day 1 before we went to bed)
Relax (taken on day 1 before we went to bed)
My dad's collection (taken on day 1 before we went to bed)
We went to Rose Lawns Cemetery first, to visit the grave of my grandparents. (I'll have a separate blog for this). After, we went to SM Bacolod to buy snacks again, for our snacks in Forest Park. We got hungry but Jerson didn't like to eat at fast foods again. He asked me to let him try a Bacolod's special. So.. I brought him to Manokan Country! 
Welcome to Manokan Country!
Manokan Country was like Larsian in Cebu but it was clean and not "smokey" unlike Larsian. We ordered 2 chicken inasals and talaba.
Closer look at the talaba
We were so full! We paid 200+ pesos for a very delicious meal. Thanks to Nena's Beth in Manokan Country!
Looked like a typhoon came!
To the bones!


kalamiii!! hehehe balik nya ta kaon dha

sure! if mu balik ta sa Bacolod, kaon nya ta ddto balk!