Negros Occ. Unwind - Going to Bacolod (2/10)

Oct 6, 2011 finally arrived. I woke up early than my usual wake-up time (even though we drank the night before). 

Lots of first time stuffs. 
  1. First time going to my hometown with my boyfriend
  2. First time after college to go back to Bacolod
  3. First time to go inside Mactan Internation Airport
  4. First time to travel by airplane
  5. First time to ride a plane (LOL)
From home, I went to the main streets of Cebu City to look for masareal, a Cebuano delicacy that my mother asked me to be my pasalubong to her. She asked me to buy many for the sake of my mother's friends in Bacolod City. 

Due to the warm weather and the fact I hadn't eaten breakfast, I rushed to Pier 3 to catch the ferry boat boarding to Lapu-lapu City. It was almost noon time when the ferry reached Lapu-lapu City. That was a 20-minute short trip of the ferry boat to be exact. I then rode the multicab bound for Jerson's place where I would be taking lunch. Hehe! 
The ocean
A boat passed by
After a delicious meal, Jerson and I were ready to go to the airport. We again rode the multicab to take us to Marina Mall. From there, we rode another multicab bound for the airport. The fare was a total of 15 pesos.

Inside the airport, we asked several guards for directions. Haha. First timers kasi! Good thing, we followed where the crowd was. Haha! 

After the check-in thingy, we were lost! But thanks to the people next to us (whom we followed secretly), we're safe! Haha! 
That was the yellow bus BUT not for our flight
After the announcement for boarding, we rode a yellow bus to the aircraft. From there, we went inside the plane! Weeee! First time! LOL
At the bus! Weee
We were so ignorants! (Oh, maybe I was just the only one. Haha) I was so excited and afraid. I have fear of heights, that's why. Jerson sat near the window. The thought was scary but the view was magnificent! I should have been seated on that place. Oh well.. Haha! I could see the view also from the aisle-side seat.
For boarding!
At the aircraft
And we were ready for take-off! How scared I was! If you only knew! My face looked pale. Hahaha. And the plane took off! Whew! Funny me. My hands were sweating for the first time. Haha!

From the top was a very wonderful view of Cebu. I would like to visit every town and city, someday. Then, the captain announced for turbulence. My eyes went bigger! Hahaha

We reached Silay City Airport in a while. There was no turbulence, in short. I was so funny! 
Welcome to the New Bacolod-Silay Airport!
That's me!
Silay City Airport is the new airport of Negros, replacing the old Bacolod City Airport. It was not fully developed yet. Compare to Mactan International Airport, there were a fewer aircrafts and lots of plants were growing alongside. Far from the city proper, one should have a ride or you can opt to ride the shuttle for 100 pesos just like us. 
Inside the shuttle
We dropped off at Robinsons Bacolod where my mother would picked us at 7pm. (See the next blog for more fun adventures [still writing]).

By the way, did I mention the language in Negros Occidental is Ilonggo? Jerson could not speak Ilonggo but I can. So when asking for help or negotiation matters, it was I who mostly did the talking. :)


Hi nice trip. Here is a place which i want to recommend.
a budget hotel. This is good for backpackers and people who enjoys to travel :)

Thanks for the tip. However, we have a house in Bacolod which was where we stayed during our trip. :)