Camotes Island Getaway - Timubo Cave (6/8)

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After Lake Danao (see post here), we immediately went to Timubo Cave. The cave on the outside was not fully developed. Anybody would surely wonder if it was worth it to go inside. But we went for it! We paid 15 pesos for the entrance fee and logged our names in the log book. 
The sign!
Kris and Angeli went first
It was slippery and wet inside so we made sure the camera wouldn't get wet. 
Good thing there was a tobo
At the end of the wet journey was a Grotto-like stuff. It was illuminated so it can be seen. Also, you could swim in the water. Angeli and Kris swam while Jerson and I preferred to watch them.
Mama Mary :)
You have to cross this to go to the end
Angeli and Kris having a good time
Inside the cave
Unfortunately, the camera had a problem so there were only limited pictures on this destination. 

By the way, there was no CR outside the cave so you could not change clothes after bathing in the waters inside the cave.