Camotes Island Getaway - Lake Danao (5/8)

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Our second day in Camotes Island started with a breakfast in Masamayor Resort. I ordered a set breakfast meal with danggit as its main dish. I didn't like coffee so I did not order it. By virtue of no choice, I ended up with a hot tea which I didn't drink too. So my companion ended up drinking it for me. (Thanks Jerson!)

After a 5-minute shower, Angeli and Kris came to inform us that our driver was waiting outside. Jerson and I hurriedly changed our clothes and arranged our things. We checked out  and our tour started.

It was not a bumpy ride in going to Lake Danao. The road was cemented (thanks to the Cebu Governor) and trees were all over. Fresh air, aha! Never in the city could you find the environment "friendliness" of Camotes. 

We paid an entrance fee of 10 pesos per head (except for the drivers) and listed our name in the visitor's list. After few minutes of travelling from the entrance, there you have it..
Lake Danao's main entrance
The place was surely for nature lovers like me. Enchanting place, clean and tidy, and the lake was indeed the largest in the Visayas and perhaps Mindanao, too. 
Lake Danao
There was a ride offering a tour in the lake but we failed to ride it since it left already when we came. The fee was also expensive to our wallets. It would be better if there were many of us so each would pay a minimal fee. 
So the name of the ride was Sakanaw
In the end, we just toured the place.
Looked like a port, eh?
Me on one of the small boats
That's me in the center. 
Little bridge
We went to the "woods" to explore the place. Kindly silent but not scary enough to scare an adventure-seeker like me.
Going to the "woods"
Our path!
The lake
Something in the woods
Angeli and Kris still very sweet
"Tsinelas ni Juan" :D
We reached a place full of people. There was also a sari-sari store where Kris and Angeli bought water. The people there offered us to ride in their version of Sakanaw which was a house with an open living area. I wanted to ride but there was no more time for us. We might not reach the other destinations if we would be in Lake Danao for long.
Kris and Angeli buying water
We continued with our journey after rejecting the offer of the people there. 
We found a bangka!
There was still a trail but we decided to get back
Jerson and I
Angeli and Kris
The waters!
We reached an area where the trail was not so good so we decided to go back. 
The other side of the path 
Looking for a signal?
Hey! That's me!
We reached the main area again! Woo. That was fun! Just walking around the woods was so much fun for me.
The four of us at Lake Danao!
That's me!
Plants were everywhere.
Angeli and Kris behind the big tree
The coconut trees of Lake Danao
So long Lake Danao
We continued with our next destination. Lake Danao was indeed a great place. I would like to tour the lake if given the chance to go back. And for sure, it would be an adventure!