Camotes Island Getaway - Baywalk and Buho Rock (7/8)

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We had lunch at the Baywalk in San Francisco. We settled for BBQs and we let the drivers join us with lunch.
Our lunch!
After a joyous meal, Jerson and I went to the mini park. The air was indeed great! Despite the hot weather, I was enjoying every moment in the so called park.
Welcome to Bayview!
Yep, Jerson also tried that!
We then proceeded to Buho Rock because we might ran out of time. After a 10-minute ride from Baywalk, we finally reached our destination!

We paid 10 pesos for the entrance fee and once again, logged our names in the log book. We saw familiar names in the log book actually. 

Going down from the entrance was not safer if you wouldn't be careful. It was so steep and you will surely be disturbed by the view from the top.

Aside from the beautiful scenery, one could also enjoy the waters in Buho Rock. It was not yet a fully developed resort but if it will be fully developed, I'm pretty sure the entrance fee will also rise. >:)
Welcome to Buho Rock!

Buho Rock's entrance
Buho Rock's view from the top :D
Big rocks
The scenery
The resort!
The beautiful waters of Camotes
We didn't swim in the waters because it was too risky. We thought it was too deep and Jerson and I didn't know how to swim. Angeli and Kris were also thinking the same, "too risky"

Since we were just there for the scenery, might as well enjoy watching the young boys and the lady foreigners in their diving. "It was too high", I say but that didn't prevent the young boys and the foreigners to back out and give up. It was really really REALLY SCARY. Please be reminded not to do this!
The young boy who first jump!
The fearless woman!
Another high jump from the fearless woman!
It was almost 2pm when we realized we should get going to catch the 4pm boat back to Danao City, Cebu. We left Buho Rock with smiles and we brought with us memories that will surely last for a lifetime.
At Buho Rock
The Buho Garden

Inspiring quote from Buho Rock