Moalboal's White Sand Beach

Last May, Richard (my college classmate) and I were planning a get-together to celebrate the comeback of our other dear friend from Canada, Manny. He left for Canada before we graduated college and after a year (I think), he came back to visit his birthplace.

We then decided to have our get-together in Moalboal because of the following factors:
  • white sand (Who in the world doesn't love the white sands? HAHA)
  • near the city (Since it was just a few hours from Cebu City, we thought it would not require a waiver signed by our parents. HAHAHA again!)
  • a tourist destination (It's becoming famous, they say.)
  • lastly, CHEAP! (From travel expenses down to the food and the accomodation, a definite PLUS!)
June 18, 2011 (Saturday)

We left Cebu City at 10 am. We rode a Ceres Bus going to somewhere south (I really forgot the destination. You can ask the conductors there in Cebu South Bus Terminal to let you rode the right bus.). We paid 112 pesos for the fare and 5-10 pesos for the Terminal Fee. Note that we rode the air conditioned bus. The fare of the non-aircon bus is I think, 107 pesos. It was a matter of a few coins so we decided to rode the air conditioned bus.

Travelling time was 3 hours or more so enjoy yourselves sleeping, watching a movie the bus will air, talking with your friends, or simply watch the scenery outside. Most of us were sleeping at the bus, by the way. :D

We arrived at the public market of Moalboal at noon time. The problem was that it was raining hard and no one brought an umbrella. Oh well, since we were heading to the beach, might as well soaked in the rain at that time. HAHA! We bought items, foods and other necessities in the public market. Note that the resort was very far from the public market so we bought plenty. We then hired a tricycle to take us to the resort. We had not reserved for any resort so we took our chances in the beach's resorts.

After approximately 30 minutes from the public market, we arrived at the beach area. We paid a total of 20 pesos for the entrance fees and resort fees, by the way. The beach area had cheap resorts that offered rooms for travelers like us who were VERY POOR. HAHAHA! The first room we checked was worth 1000 pesos and was very small in space. Also, what I thought at that time was that no air would enter the room because it was very tightly wrapped. We checked out the next resort named Magic's Place Beach Resort which was the resort we stayed when I first went there with officemates. 
The Magic's Place White Beach in Moalboal
The last time I went to Magic's Place there was no air conditioned room but after almost a year, almost all the rooms were air conditioned. Amazing! However, the room rates raised.  From 1200 pesos to 2500 pesos, it SURELY raised. There was the only non aircon room too which costs 1500-2000 pesos. My friends would like to take it but I wanted the room where I could see the beach. So we hangyo the owners and they agreed to let us pay 2000 pesos for the air conditioned room. Thanks to them! ^_^
Our room
The room was so spacious but a couple of things were not allowed inside the room. This could be found at the posts inside the room. Better follow them to enjoy the Moalboal experience.

After settling down, we went to the open kitchen to prepare our lunch. It was 1pm+ and we still hadn't taken our lunch. Angeli and her boyfriend, Kris, prepared the food. Christian, John Jay and I were helping with the fire and other stuffs. Diane and Manny were the pahamaks who kept eating the grilled pork chop.

After having lunch, some went to the beach to take a sip in the water while I preferred to stay at the room. 
One last picture before Angeli and Kris went home
Diane, Christian, Manny and I at the beach
"Woo!", said Diane. HAHA
The black dog
After my classmates went swimming, they joined me in the room. The funny part was their shorts and slippers had a black stain that wouldn't easily be erased by just water. John Jay's shorts was light blue and white but after the stain, it looked like a rag. 

After a while, Earl and Micheal (aka Mykel) arrived and invited us for a swim. Still, I was not moved in my bed and the rest took a swim in the beach. 

After being tired from swimming, we played cards and other funny games in the room. The rest was however, very busy with their gadgets. 
An example of a person who was busy with a gadget
The following were the games we played:

  1. 7-Up - this game used our arms and quick thinking.
  2. Sumpay that 2-syllable-word - an example was I said, "aircon" then the next person would say something like "condo" then the next one would say "donut" and so on. The last syllable of the previous word should be the first syllable of the next word. The words could be in Filipino, English and Cebuano.
  3. 1-2-3 pass - the ever-present game in our outings.
The losers of course, had a punishment. 
The gang who joined the games
I was being punished while Diane at the back was so busy with a gadget
After being tired with all the games, they decided to eat dinner. I was not able to join them again this time. I preferred to eat dinner with Richard who texted me that he was on his way. After 30 minutes, probably, I began to eat pieces and bits of our dinner so as not to be hungry. Then we continued playing with our gadgets. 
Diane and John Jay with the gadgets
Late evening, I then wanted to have a night swimming but when I went outside, I was disappointed to find out that it was low tide. I didn't pursue with the night swimming but instead, we had an interesting bonfire.

John Jay preparing for the bonfire
We looked for woods in the beach (I think we were just too stupid at this time to look for woods in the beach hahaha!) and fortunately, we found something (bleeh :p)! It was not that wet but we thought that the woods were washed by the seawater. We invested on it. We also found a bunot (a coconut palm I think, in english) and used it. 

John Jay digged the sands and we instantly put our woods there (HAHA what a mess!). We were so very excited with the bonfire only to find out that we didn't have a lighter nor anything that would lit. Waaa! We searched for the remaining gas that was used in grilling and poured it on the collected materials for the bonfire. We used the posporo but it wouldn't create a big fire. 
The ingredients of our bonfire HAHA!

The commotion the bonfire created haha
We tried hard and hard and we were successful! BUT.. we had noticed that it was only creating a small fire and not a big one. So we used the cover of our poso to create a big fire. 

Behold, it was so aso (lots of smoke in english, HAHAHA!) unlike the bonfire created by the other groups who were there too. What a mess! We still had fun anyways. And it was so helpful too. Mosquitoes would not be heading our way because of the heavy smoke. :p
The small fire created by our bonfire
Smoking hot bonfire!
We got tired with our bonfire making so we laid on the sands and had a talk about what had happened to most of us. Very controversial and fun talk. We missed each other so much. Of course, there's still was the teasing and all.
Manny and Mykel
John Jay and Mykel in the sands

So close! :p
When we realized it was about 10pm, we thought of Richard again. Where was he? Maybe he was lost. Lots of speculations then came out. We waited for Richard outside for a few more minutes.

It was almost midnight when we got back to the room to play again. We realized it was so cold outside and the others took an evening shower. Richard arrived at that time. He had bought snacks! If you could just see the look of Christian's face and my face at that time, you would surely be entertained. HAHA! We were rejoicing for Richard's arrival. Yehey! At last!
The late comer Richard with a bread
We played and played the same games again with Richard this time. Some were dreaming already. We thought that we should be awake the whole night to make Richard's stay in Moalboal also worthwhile. 
From left: John Jay, Diane and Earl
Even the late comer had a punishment! :p
It was 2am+ when most of the people were tired and went to sleep. I slept at almost 3am, tired of waiting for the sunrise. Mykel woke me at 4am to be ready for the sunrise but I was beautifully sleeping. 

I woke up last in the morning. They were already ready for Cebu. Some had breakfast already. I rushed to the bathroom to take a bath. 

When we were all set, we decided to take pictures in the beach before we all went home. 
From left: John Jay, Christian, Diane, Earl and Manny

John Jay and Richard
Bestfriends Mykel and Earl
At the beach

Power rangers or what?
The gang! (Angeli and Enrico was the only missing ones)
We rode 2 tricycles taking us to the vhire terminal. We rode the vhire and paid 100 pesos for the fare. While waiting for other passengers, we played a game again. HAHA!
The trail

The view in our way to the terminal

Diane, John Jay, Earl and Christian's tricylce following us
Manny and Mykel in the tricycle

Me at the back side of the tricycle driver

Recap of the expenses:
Room - 2k pesos (1k pesos sponsored by Manny)
Food - the meat was sponsored by Manny again. As for the snacks we shared the payment.
Drinks - shared payment
Fare - 117 pesos going to Moalboal by bus, 100 pesos going back to Cebu by vhire

We paid 200+ pesos for the shared expenses.

All in all, it was worth it! My budget of 1k pesos was a safe budget. Plus the fun experience and bonding with my classmates, it was really a great weekend!

Moalboal, I will surely be back. :D


ug naay ni ingun sa office nga daw niya amung nawung pag search niya ug moalboal.. ahaha. Ni rank najud ni sa google.

hahaha mao ba? amazing! :D weeee!

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