Camotes Island Getaway - Santiago Beach (3/8)

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After we had a delicious lunch at Pito Sutukil (see post here), we were so excited to explore the famous Santiago beach. 
Welcome to Santiago Beach!

The breeze was so cool. The waves were singing a song. Santiago beach has a looong shoreline. It was noontime and despite the hot weather, we never really minded it for the beach was indeed great!
The shore
You could even run in the shore!
Pito Sutukil was behind me
Jerson in the shore
What's that?
LOL me
Jerson's jump shot!
Jerson with his moves
An alive Jerson
Me near the beach
Jerson with his outstanding look! HAHA
We saw a dog happily bathing in the water ALONE. Then few other dogs were with him. They were all playing with the water until the other dogs left. Then came his amo and they enjoyed the water together.
The dog
Even dogs could swim!
The courageous dog!
Santiago beach is a public beach between Santiago Bay and Garden Resort, Masamayor's Resort and Payag Resort. There were kiosks in the area for people who didn't checked in in resorts.
Santiago Bay and Garden Resort

I don't know the name of this resort
The chapel in Santiago
Jerson taking a walk in the afternoon
 It was afternoon when Jerson and I decided to take a sip in the beach. We had to walk for a few meters to reach an area where we could swim. Minutes later Angeli and Kris saw us and called us. We got up and hurried to the shoreline.
Angeli and Kris
Looked like an encounter
The beach goers taking a walk in the beach
Looked like a children rally!
Angeli and I agreed to have dinner in Santiago Bay and Garden Resort. So Jerson and I hurried back to our resort to change.

Photo before the sun sets
Jerson and I screamed as the wind was blowing us away!
Photo of me in the public beach, getting dark, eh?
It was a silent 7pm in Santiago beach and a darker one too! Be careful of the dark, people!