Camotes Island Getaway - Santiago Bay and Garden Resort (4/8)

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Supposed to be there was an entrance fee of 15 pesos (I think) for people who had not checked in in the resort. But we entered through the beach, not on the main entrance so we were not charged of any fees. HAHA!

Angeli and Kris welcomed us and toured us in their room. We could not understand the room names for it was a bit complicated. But anyways, their room was nice, spacious and clean. One thing that discouraged me about their room was they didn't have a TV unlike our room in Masamayor's and their electric fan couldn't rotate. Like our room, it was 1000 pesos for two.

I was at the room of Angeli and Kris
Angeli and I at their room
We took dinner at the resort's restaurant and the prices were so expensive! I forgot the names of the foods we ate but it was definitely expensive! Waaaah!
Food #1
I was capturing the food HAHA
Food #2
After having dinner, Angeli and Kris invited us to took a sip in the pool. There was a payment for those who hadn't checked in, I guess around 80 pesos. It was cold so Jerson and I preferred to watch them instead.
Angeli and Kris in the pool
Having a pool sweet swim
Behind Jerson's back's the beach
Me at the poolside
Jerson in the poolside
Jerson and I at Santiago Bay and Garden Resort
Jerson and I went back to our resort at almost 10pm. We hurried back because it was getting darker and we were not from the place. 

The resort was overall, nice but I hadn't captured its beauty with the camera we borrowed from Marlo (thanks Mars for the camera!).