Camotes Island Getaway - Pito Sutukil (2/8)

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We arrived at noon time in Santiago Beach (see post here). Of course we were so hungry for it's time for lunch!

We didn't want to eat at Masamayor's Resort because we wanted to explore the beach. I thought back then, that we could find a cheap restaurant in the area.

And so.. we found Pito Sutukil! In the first glance, you would not have thought that this restaurant was serving food. The beach was silent and so as this restaurant. I saw a few foreigners sitting in one of the tables in PIto Sutukil so I thought they were open for business.

I approached a girl (looked like she was the owner) and asked a very funny question "Pwede mukaon? (Can we eat?)". Jerson laughed at me because I looked like I hadn't eaten for years. Gladly, the girl offered us seats and a menu.

It was really a sutukil (sugba-tula-kilaw) food house. The menu was full of sea foods. And take note, it was REALLY CHEAPER. Good thing we ate at this food house!
The menu!
Our orders were calamares, grilled pusit, rice and 2 nesteas. 

While waiting for our order to be served, we enjoyed the fantastic view from our table.
That's a dog in the water
Jerson and I at Pito Sutukil
Finally, our orders have arrived! The calamares was sooooo.. yummy! The grilled squid was yummier! HAHA 
Grilled squid for lunch, yummy!

breath-taking grilled squid

Yummy calamares

We enjoyed our lunch! Jerson and I were so full after we ate. Definitely a must! :)