Camotes Island Getaway - Going to Camotes (1/8)

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 Another adventure. Camotes Island is surely an island you should keep coming back.

It was an early Saturday morning when we departed Metro Cebu. I was a bit excited on what to see in Camotes Island. We arrived at the port in Danao City, Cebu at 8am. The weather was fine and I said, "Great!". We hurriedly bought tickets to the boat Jomalia because it will depart by 8:30am. The fare was 180 pesos each. 
The port of Danao City
Jerson riding the boat
In the boat we were seated beside my friend Angeli and her boyfriend, Kris. Angeli and I were classmates back when we were still in college. I must admit she was one of my favorite friends. :)
Jerson and I at the boat

Angeli and Kris in the boat

The cute baby in front of us
When the boat was about to depart, Jerson and I saw our colleagues at work looking for a place to sit. They were a team and they also have an outing in Camotes Island. 

After almost 2.5 hours in the boat, we finally can see the beautiful island of Camotes. From the sea waters to its people, an experience is a must!
The island from the boat's view

Me at the boat with the island as my background

Jerson and the sea water
Very clear water, whew!

Nitz, Analyn and Analyn's boyfriend spotted!
Kris and Angeli walking down the port of Camotes

The port of Camotes
We rode a motorcycle taking us to Santiago Beach. We agreed on the 40 pesos price for each passenger. 
The 1st motorcycle boarded by Kris and Angeli
 After a 20-minute ride, we reached Santiago Beach. Kris and Angeli checked in at the famous Santiago Bay and Resort and Jerson and I at the Masamayor Resort. We had reservations before we arrived at our respective resorts. Both were a walking distance.
Our room.
(sorry for the bed cover and that bag over there is mine!)
In Masamayor's, they had a dining area where you could order for cooked food. They also had other offers but we didn't avail on any of them.