Bantayan Island Escapade - Day 2

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This is a continuation to my post here.

For our 2nd day, we planned to have an island hopping on the 2 famous islands near Bantayan Island. However, a very rainy weather welcomed us early morning. I wasn't even able to see the sunrise because the clouds were so dark. Should we pursue with the island hopping? Or should we be heading somewhere else?

Breakfast for 2 was served in Yooneek Beach Resort (for 2 because our room was actually for 2 people only, inclusive of breakfast). We woke up at around 8am bringing all the cup noodles  to the beach resort and asked for hot water. They gave us water for free, by the way. 

Our breakfast was delicious. We can't even finish it all since it was very yummy and we had our stomachs full that fast. 

The scenery from our table was magnificent! The cool breeze, calm waves, quiet beach was the best! However, the wifi signal in our area was VERY POOR. The signal was only ONE bar. :(( We really tried our best in looking for the right area to get a good signal but Jerson and Marianne were really the trying-hard's for this. HAHAHA I was really amazed seeing them standing far from our table just to get a good signal. HAHA!
Imagine the heavy clouds (sorry for the bad picture)
The view of the beach front
After our breakfast the guy we talked yesterday about the island hopping came and brought us back to Yooneek Inn to get some stuffs for the island hopping. We told the caretaker that we would be back in the afternoon and that we would like her to take care of our things in the lobby (since the check out time was 12 noon). But she said she would like our things to be in the room still and she would wait for us until we would be back. Such a nice person.

So.. we rode the trisikad of the person we contacted for the island hopping. After minutes of pedaling, we reached his home place. He told us if we would like some coconut but we said we would still think about it. After walking for a few minutes, we reached the shore and saw the small bangka that we would be riding. 
The bangka we rode
Jerson feeling the breeze while Maiyan was busy with her camera
Going to the bangka :D
It was very windy. The waves however were not so huge yet. (HAHA!) It was also hot but we didn't mind it. We were so busy enjoying every moment of our mini adventure. 
Maiyan with one of our captain hahaha!
The sea, obviously :D
We then reached the first island and I forgot the name. (All I could remember was that it started with the letter 'H'.) The sea was so crystal clear and the sands were so fine. The guides warned us not to go farther (in the water) since it was very deep. (Did I ever mentioned that we didn't know how to swim?) So we enjoyed swimming near the shore to avoid accidents. The water was also cold so it was very refreshing for the hot weather. 
And we had arrived!

The sand and the waters of the island

The 3 of us in very cold water
Jerson running towards us
After a few minutes staying in island #1, we proceeded to island #2 which was Virgin Islands. It was famous in the place. We paid 400 pesos for the entrance fee per bangka. There were no rooms there nor convenient stores. They had however, a table and an improvised chair for tourists to sit in. The water was also cold, very very cold. The shoreline was the most incredible! There was no trash in the area. It was indeed the Virgin Island.
The hidden wonder of the Virgin Islands
On our way to our small table to put our things
Our feet in the fine sand of Virgin Islands

Jerson and I took a pose in Virgin Islands

Maiyan with her jump shot in Virgin Islands

I told you the sand was fine! :p
Jerson's vanity

Me as a mermaid hahaha

Jerson's sunbathing
After playing and swimming in the place, we went back to avoid the huge waves and the heavy rain. However in our way back, probably we were halfway back to Sta. Fe, the huge waves were starting to fight us. It was really REALLY a bumpy ride. We didn't have a life jacket in the bangka and it was so scary! The waves were so angry. We even had been washed (just a little bit) by the HUGE waves. We were so glad that we could see the beaches near our resort. And we laughed at the other tourists who were just on their way to the islands. For sure, they would pass by the huge waves too and that they would experience what we had experienced (x2 of it). 

When we reached the shore at about 1pm+, we paid 800 pesos for the job well done by the guides, that includes the gasoline in the bangka. Then we hurried back to our room to washed up and checked out. We paid 1200 pesos for our room in Yooneek Inn (as mentioned in my previous post which was Bantayan Island Day 1) as we checked out. 
As we checked out
It was around 2pm+. We walked to the public market and rode a tricycle going to Bantayan proper to have our lunch. The fare was 25 pesos. We dropped by across the church and walked to Kermit's. 
Welcome to Bantayan
Bantayan plaza
I researched Kermit's on the internet and the rumors were true. It was very affordable and the food were delicious. I wanted a round 2 but my stomach was so full. We paid 100-150 pesos for each one of us, including the drinks, rice meal and the cake for dessert. If given the chance to go back to Bantayan, I would definitely visit this restaurant. The ambiance was relaxing, by the way. 
Kermit's :D
The 3 of us waiting for our food to be served
Our gluttonous lunch at Kermit's
The old fashioned house beside Kermit's
It was almost 3pm so we hurried to the public market of Bantayan proper. As we were walking, we stopped by a souvenir cart which was full of t-shirts. We bought for each one of us. We paid around 150 pesos each t-shirt.

We continued walking and reached the market. We bought dried fish (buwad) and nukos, which were believed as the delicious buwad in Cebu. I bought a 100-peso nukos and dried fish. That's 200 pesos all in all. 

Luckily, a multicab passed by and said his route was going to Sta. Fe. We immediately hurried and rode the multicab. We paid 25 pesos for the fare and we were so blessed that the driver took us to Sta. Fe wharf. Just in time for the 4:30 pm boat back to Hagnaya, Cebu. 
We were going home!
We thought there was an engine problem that's why the boat left at around 5pm+. We watched the sunset in the boat since we were seated at the back. It was so tiring yet, we were enjoying every minute of our Bantayan Island Escapade.
At the Sta. Fe wharf
Jerson and I took a pose in front of our boat
In the boat going home
The sunset
When we reached Hagnaya, we hurried to board the last trip of the Ceres Bus going back to Cebu. The fare was 50 pesos (incredible, huh?). We reached Cebu City at almost 10pm and had our dinner. We parted ways in the bus, by the way.

It was really an exciting experience although we didn't have much money. Jerson and I brought 2000 pesos each and what's left in my wallet was 100 pesos. But it's not just about the money, what's important was that we enjoyed and lived our lives to the fullest in our adventures. :D