I joined blogger!

A long time ago I used to dream of making a website for my ideas and thoughts. I used to wonder about what to share to the world. I used to think of my travel experiences that I would like the world to know. 

BUT I have no other time to create such website because these couple of days I have been very busy doing other stuffs at work and at home. In short, I was busy with my <3 life and career (joke!).

Early this year I started exploring the net, reading reviews, blogs, websites (a couple of them were tourism/cities' official sites) and a lot more to give me an idea on what to do, what to expect and how will I get to some place I have never been before (or maybe I had been but have not yet explored much). Sometimes, it's very difficult to find some sites with very much detailed information regarding their travel experiences. From the budget to the scenery, that is what I am looking forward to.

Then I started thinking why won't I make one? It's not bad after all. I told my boyfriend about it and he gave me a thumbs-up for it. Unbelievable (although I expected he won't reject it anyway! hahaha)!  

That's the time I started thinking why won't I try blogger? It's a free site and it has all the awesome features (maybe!) a starting blogger has ever dreamed of. 

Well.. I better start creating blogs about my travel experience and explore this site more. Time is running out and my ideas are rushing to my brain like hell. HAHA! Oh well, good luck about me being here!

Lastly, I hope I can really share to the world my travel experiences through this new environment. :D