Bantayan Island Escapade - Day1

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They say it's never too late to share (I guess I said myself! hahaha). So I'm sharing our summer escapade to Bantayan Island, Cebu. That was last April 9-10, 2011. Yey!

Day 1 - April 9, 2011 (Saturday)

7am - We should be meeting at the North Bus Terminal. First to arrive was Marianne. And take note, she had an overnight work at their office and she had not taken even a short nap since Friday! Imagine that!

After few minutes of waiting we boarded a Ceres Bus taking us to Hagnaya Port which was located in the northern part of Cebu. The fare was I think 120 pesos or less. (I really forgot! That was last April.)
The other passengers in the Ceres Bus

After 3 hours of sitting, talking and sleeping in the bus, we arrived at Hagnaya Port. It was not yet fully developed (for me) since it was so dusty (I actually forgot the term). We arrived at 10:30 am and we took our lunch there since the boat would depart by 11:30 am. For lunch, we ate at a local carenderia and we paid less than a hundred each. For the boat, it was 170 pesos for the First Class.
Our ticket :D
After an hour in the Island Shipping boat, finally we arrived at the Sta. Fe wharf! A very windy weather welcomed us. We rode a tricycle taking us to SugarBeach resort which was rumored to be the most visited and cheapest resort in the area. Since we were the only passengers, we paid the driver 70 pesos. 

Maiyan and I at the Sta. Fe wharf
Jerson and Maiyan at Sta. Fe wharf, with the blue waters as background

Our way from Sta. Fe wharf to the beach area
When we arrived at SugarBeach, we received bad news. There was no available room (waaa!) but we were told to take a tent instead. We rejected their offer since we were bringing lots of valuable items with us and we cannot afford to lose them. We looked for other places to stay for the night and the tricycle driver offered us a free ride. After all, we gave him a tip. He recommended us a pension house-like place with a bad view of the sea and not so long shoreline. The landlady didn't even seem to care when we asked to see the room. So again we left the place and tried our luck in whatever place we took a look. It was a very hot day and some 2 trisikad drivers kept on following us, offering us a ride. I knew the way since it was my 2nd time in the place so we didn't care what they were saying. One of the trisikad driver wouldn't gave up on us and offered us to an island hopping in 2 islands near Bantayan. We took that offer and said he would took us by 9 am the next day. He went away and we kept on walking. 

Finally, we found Yooneek Inn! It was an extension to the Yooneek Beach Resort. We thought the resort would be perfect but it was fully-booked so we took the inn which was meters away from the beach.
Yooneek Inn!
The room was great and perfect! We stayed there to rest first, took a look around the inn and played at our room. The room costs 1200 for two inclusive of breakfast, a private bathroom, a great bed and an electric fan. Actually we were 3 but they did not charge us for the extra person and they even gave us an extra bed for free. Thanks to them! ^_^
Me and Maiyan at our cute room
Jerson with his unexplainable pose
In front of our room

Maiyan taking a picture
Inside the inn's premises was a very nature-friendly scenery. There were even monkeys in the cages but these monkeys were so aggressive and not that friendly. 

Jerson wondering

At Yooneek Inn

Inside our room
Jerson reunited with his relative which was in Yooneek Inn all this time
In the afternoon, we had snacks at Yooneek Beach Resort. Surprisingly, the prices were so.. expensive. We decided to share a hamburger that's huge and bought a shake for each one. I bought the papaya shake and Marianne (aka Maiyan) and Jerson (my companions) ordered the mango shake. The shake was 70 pesos. Soooo expensive! The burger was 100+ pesos. T_T But it was okay, as long as our stomachs would not complain on being hungry. And in the beach resort, we enjoyed the free wifi. So it was REALLY REALLY okay. ^_^

Jerson and Maiyan ordering our snacks
Late afternoon we took a walk to the beach and asked for directions in going to the famous Ogtong Cave. Luckily, we found a trisikad driver who was very willing to give us a ride. I thought it was just near but it was actually not so. The trisikad driver left us and he said he'll picked up us at 5pm. 
Maiyan and I in front of Ogtong Beach Resort
We paid 100 pesos for the entrance fee. Inside Ogtong Cave Resort was a breath-taking scenery. We went for the cave but we never it was a small one and we were not allowed to took a sip in the cave's water. 
The famous Ogtong Cave
The resort was so refreshing and incredible overall. There were small tables and chairs that were so unique. The pool was like calling us to take a swim. The trees were tall. The rocks were huge. 
Maiyan in front, the swimming pool at the back

The three of us at the cute table in Ogtong Cave Resort
Jerson and I sitting in an old fashioned chair

Jerson and I again, this time it's a slap

The siblings
There were also lots of animals. Some were even unknown to me. There was even one who was very camera shy. HAHA.
Maiyan and Jerson (at the back) taking a picture on the animals
The camera shy animal
Jerson and I in a very nice view of the beach
The rocks and the beach separated us
After taking a couple of pictures, we went back to our resort. We gave the trisikad driver less than a hundred for the fare and for a job well done on pedaling going on top and below. 
In the trisikad going back
We took our dinner at a barbeque station in the market which was located a few meters away from the inn. We had a seafood dinner and paid around 200 pesos for all 3 of us.
Our delicious dinner
After dinner, we went back to our room playing cards and minutes later, we went to the beach to take a night swim but it was so dark. Also it was low tide so we decided to have a talk in the shoreline instead. After an hour or two, we went back to our room to take a nap. 
Playing with the lights

Frustrated :D

Assuming :p
The real rockstar :D

So very playful
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